Mitropolia Olteniei nr: 5-8/2022

1. His Eminence Prof. PhD IRINEU POPA – The Experience of Communion in Love with God and with Fellow Human Beings in the Mystical Body of the Lord

2. Fr. PhD Senior Lecturer ADRIAN IVAN – The History of Religious Beliefs and Ideas, Opus Magnum Eliadian

3. Fr. PhD Senior Lecturer ADRIAN BOLDISOR – The Encyclopedia of Religion, Mircea Eliade, Editor in Chief – History, Appreciations, Critics

4. Archimandrite PhD Lecturer NATHANAEL NEACSU – Theological-Doctrinal Reading of the Liturgical Expression „κατὰ πάντα καὶ διὰ πάντα”

5. Fr. PhD Lecturer ION RESCEANU – The Septuagint in Dionysius the Ecclesiastes’ Writings

6. Fr. PhD Lecturer LUCIAN ZENOVIU BOT – Death and the Hope of Life. Considerations Regarding the Feast of the Assumption of

7. Fr. PhD Lecturer LIVIU VIDICAN – MANCI – How do we Design a Programmatic Catechesis. Case Study

8. Diac. PhD Lecturer NICOLAE PREDA – The Anaphoric Sanctus Brief Historical-Liturgical Presentation

9. PhD Lecturer ALEXANDRINA BADESCU, Restoration expert FLORICA PEIA – The Evolution of Oil Painting in the 18th Century

10. PhD Lecturer ADRIANA-GABRIELA MARDALE – The Wooden Church in Ersig, Vermes Commune

11. PhD Lecturer FLORIN VILCEANU – The Relationship between Technique and Materials in Three-Dimensional Arts

12. Fr. Assist. PhD MIHAI IORDACHE – Vocation, Work and Profession. Moral Considerations and Recent Scientific Research

13. Diac. PhD SORIN-GRIGORE VULCANESCU – The Metamorphosis of the Technological Eutopia – the Secularization and Robotization of Life

14. CATALIN-STEFAN POPA – Egypt and the Holy Land on the Agenda of Syriac Christians’ Journeys

15. Prof. PhD MIHAELA SIMONA OUATU – Landmarks of Religious Education from the 4th Century in the Catechesis of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem

16. Fr. DANIEL VATUIU – The Holy Spirit and Christian Prayer. Brief Patristic Considerations

17. IULIAN DINULESCU – The Use of the ,Overton Window” in Christian Missionary Work

18. CONSTANTIN-DENIS-DANUT BOBOC – The Pillars of Islam Faith

19. GABRIEL GIODEA – Proxemics

20. ADRIAN BANICA – The Historical Monument – Church ,Saint Nicholas” – Belivaca from Craiova

21. IONEL COSMIN GAGIU – The Assumption and Restoration of Human Nature by the Son of God